Smile Makeover

There is a spectrum of treatments that fall under the umbrella of Cosmetic Dentistry. They can all be used in various ways and combinations to change a person’s smile. We call this a Smile Makeover.

The Smile Makeover often gives an illusion of a particular look. It can be made up of crowns, bridges, implants or veneers. A treatment plan for a smile makeover can involve multi-layers of cosmetic dental treatments.

The simplest Smile Makeovers involve only veneers. However, orthodontic and subsequently Ultrathin veneer combinations are also very popular.

We can change three main aspects of the smile:

  • The Colour: This can be your choice, and we will plan the correct shade of teeth for you. Modern dentistry now affords a considerable palette of the colour “white” so we can create natural-looking teeth.
  • The Positioning of the Teeth: A smile makeover can give the illusion of straighter and more complementary to the face teeth. It can make rotated or crooked teeth appear in line with the rest of the smile. This is done by designing a new smile that takes this consideration into account.
  • The Shape of the Teeth and Smile: Our Hertfordshire dentists will design a unique smile creation using our Smiles2SuitU technique. This smile design will provide information on which teeth we need to reshape and how. It also gives us information about what type of form of teeth is best suited to your facial style. We then incorporate these features into your new smile.

We can use a variety of techniques to create different types of new smiles:

  • The Natural Smile
  • The Hollywood Smile
  • The Bollywood Smile
  • The Glamour Smile
  • The Realistic Smile
  • The Perfect Smile
  • The Personalised Smile

The best thing about a smile makeover is that it can be completely personalised to suit your specific cosmetic needs. A smile makeover can be used to make a complete transformation in how you appear. We can transform all smiles or, we can create subtle nuances that enhance your smile, making it slightly better.

Sometimes, a person may only be looking for very soft and subtle changes or perhaps only need one or two teeth changing whilst the rest can be simply whitened. We call this a Mini-Makeover since only some things are being improved. You will end up with a tremendous realistic smile as a result.

The choice of a new smile is totally up to you. The process to your new smile starts with a Smile Analysis and examination based in Hertfordshire. This will help us to create a unique Treatment Plan of action.

At Hockerill Dental, we proudly offer a range of brace and cosmetic brace treatments for new and existing patients in and around Hertfordshire. If you’re interested in our Invisalign brace treatment, contact our practice on 01279 652400. You can also arrange to visit our practice by booking an appointment online.

Invisalign Treatment Process

At Hockerill Dental, we’re here to provide the perfect brace treatment that will help align your teeth. We want to create a confident, healthy smile that you’ll love.

The Invisalign treatment is a transparent brace system that enables us to carefully straighten your teeth in a short period. When you book a free consultation with us, you’ll be able to discuss your goals. Our experienced team of dentists will be able to explain our treatment process and planning in greater detail at our clinic.

Consultation & Clinical Examination

You will need to have a consultation and examination for us to determine that you are suitable for this type of treatment. We do this via a clinical examination looking at every aspect of your mouth in much detail. We will also need radiographs (x-rays), scans, photographs and moulds of your teeth.

Once we have this information, we can use the special ClinCheck® 3D technology to create a plan of action for you and understand exactly which movements the teeth will undergo to achieve your cosmetic goals. You will be able to see the exact nature of the treatment and what the aligners will be doing to your teeth. Begin your brace treatment with us by booking a free consultation today.


The exact cost of your treatment will be dependent on the complexity of the case, the experience of your dentist and the length of time you will need care. At Hockerill Dental, we specialise in providing unique solutions. We will also be able to make everything more affordable with our flexible finance options for our brace treatments.

Creating the Clear Aligners

Once the information has been sent to our laboratories, we will create a set of unique custom-made aligners for you. These will be in a direct sequence, and you will be shown how you should wear them and the specific protocols for the treatment as they apply to you.

Generally, you will be advised to wear each aligner in the sequence for 1-2 weeks before changing onto the next one. Understand how Invisalign works. As you progress through each aligner in the sequence, you will start to see the changes in your smile. You will notice how your teeth are slowly cosmetically improving.

New Advances with Invisalign Technology

At one stage, you had to change your aligners every two weeks. However, in some instances, you can change your aligners every week, which cuts down the treatment time to as little as three months. If the speed of treatment is important to you, please talk to our dentists so we can plan for a more comfortable and applicable treatment solution.

ClinCheck® Technology

This pioneering treatment uses the advanced ClinCheck® Technology that allows us to map out the exact course of movement for each tooth. It is a visual 3D digital computer assimilation that digitally plans your entire treatment before you have any work done.

This record is used to create your personalised aligners in a stepwise sequence that enables you to correct most cosmetic discrepancies in your teeth positioning.

Using this specially designed program, we will be able to let you know precisely how long your treatment is going to take. Contact our Hertfordshire dental clinic.

Range of Invisalign Aligners

  • Invisalign i7: This type is used for teeth that have minimal discrepancies, and less tooth movement is required. You only need a minimum of 7 aligners to complete the treatment.
  • Invisalign Lite: This is usually carried out on a Class 1 case, that has a normal bite where the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth. The treatment can consist of approximately 14 aligners.
  • Invisalign Teen: This type of treatment is restricted to specific cases involving teenagers. It allows the dentist greater flexibility to obtain optimal results.
  • Invisalign Full: This is the standard Invisalign treatment for most cases. The length of treatment and the number of aligners is dependent upon the variables of each case.


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